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Sports Complex

Posted by on May 21, 2011

that will in 2010 launch a full sports park complex as a whole. "This complex will be very beautiful – a kind of decoration throughout the region, MPs urged Kurylin. Areas such charming town where the cleanest air is simply necessary to conduct any large-scale events, especially for children. " Subject children tied it Kurylina with the construction of child Garden in the B-1. With the caveat that if the planned allocation of the regional budget of 5 million for design and an examination of the new children's garden, the mayor asked for the year 2010 75 million and in 2011 another 70 million rubles. In order to finish the run and the object.

from Dilapidation to available to how much the mayor asked for a large building housing in the neighborhood of B-1, it was difficult to determine. Sazonov, opening the meeting, spoke about the amount of 300 million rubles. The Mayor of 321 million, but most likely it is only part of the money, as in a total of 82 thousand square meters. meters of dilapidated housing, and with him firmly intend to leave. Under the morgue already been allocated and spent 12 million rubles.

But if you do not fund the work of another 15 million rubles. To perform the work mentioned above, then, as noted by the mayor, the city can at this point to get a big aquarium. Heavy theme – utilities. Money Kurylin not asked. It is important, in his opinion, the legislative initiative Regional Duma, by definition, the standard of public services.

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