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Sleeping In A Cave

Posted by on February 4, 2014

Photo of the cave of the sanctuary of the bat, located in Tlalcozotitlan, municipality of Copalillo Guerrero, Mexico. When a service is planned for overnight, is normally think of a large parking area and other complementary services construction. Never thought that someday could become a tourist product, something that was used as housing do long time. I must confess that I slept in a cave, (move to a large animal because in the early days there were many fleas). It is a different experience, difficult to explain but what I can say is that it allows out of everyday life, that is you can see the sky and its stars, be can hear the sound of the forest, or view the first rays of the Sun, or the placing of the same star. Normally when you think about hosting for sites of alternative tourism service, we think in a cabin, framing the most recent model of construction but forgets to take advantage of the environment.

So now I dare propose be considered taking advantage of the caves and live This experience which shall form part of the activities tourist of a region or route. It is worth mentioning that the cave is a place coveted inside of the forest, by both the animals and people already that protects from the weather, the humidity. by which the cave gives us a dry place to sleep or do other activities clear that if it is for a service for tourism must be packed because it is coveted exist at least nests of bird, pasanado by nests of snakes or being able to a room of the King of the jungle.The caves are of different sizes and shapes but the concept in general is that it is a cavity on a stone horizontally. (Case Mexico) Visit my blog original author and source of the article

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