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Posted by on August 24, 2021

I had no fear, if you are interested in knowing it. Only apprehension. With thirty years and a lifetime playing sports, one has no fear. At the very least, physical fear. I knew that wasn’t the husband of Clara because the persecution continued during the course of other two very brief relationships I had with two women in the following days. Even, on one occasion I noticed the corporeal presence of the Tracker while I looked at the window of a shop. Turn me only I saw the back of someone who disappeared quickly from the corner of the street.

The matter was over. I noticed in my own home that exclusive personal items were changed on site. They were modifications subtle, if you will, but at the end and after modifications. Up my toothbrush appeared moist one night, arriving at my apartment, as if someone had finished using it. On the street, the harassment became even more evident. The intruder is not already recataba to avoid the noise of their steps. Sometimes he perceived his shadow above me.

The worst thing happened when I started to see him physically. The first was his back. Just turn around to notice that I turned quickly about myself. Yelled you: Hey, you! What is? There were many people among us, but even so I could briefly contemplating his face when he turned to half your face while marching in the opposite direction. The impact that I experienced cut dry race that had started towards him. Never nothing had impressed me so much. I was dumbstruck. As I stared in foreshortening, by attempting to flee from where I was, he drew a quizzical grimace on his face. And it turned out that his face was the same as mine. At least, now it seemed it then. As if we were Siamese twins.

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