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Russia Mortgage

Posted by on March 14, 2014

It is known that in Kirov situation with the acquisition of their own homes is much harder than in other regions of Russia and even Europe. For example, in Finland the cost of one square meter is only 200-300 dollars. If you compare with other regions, lending Kirov offered by high interest rates. It's just robbery! From experience I know I know that, for example, in St. Petersburg to buy a home is easier than in the Kirov – there is less interest loans. I know people who have taken credit for housing in very real terms. And my colleague from Kirov (now lives in St. Contact information is here: Expert on growth strategy. Petersburg) has acquired a two-bedroom apartment there on the mortgage for 25 years.

The maximum limit of interest rates on mortgage loans in the world – 7%. A Kirov is from 10 to 14%. I believe that the percentage of mortgage should be lower. Today, the entire civilized world enjoys lending services, but we know that banks already have experience of loan defaults. People do not really appreciate its capabilities, but because of the negligent taxpayers lenders are at risk of crisis. Natalia Isaeva, Honored Artist of Russia. The main problem in the housing market – a high cost per square meter. Today, the easiest to buy a home for those who freely has the necessary cash resources or the first floor residents whose apartments are bought by commercial real estate, and people settled on favorable terms for new homes. I think this option mutually beneficial.

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