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Real Estate Transactions

Posted by on April 8, 2011

Each of us has ever had or still have to solve the problems associated with real estate. This may be buying an apartment or a sale, exchange of one residential area to another, buying a cottage, cottages, land or home ownership, registration of the contract of donation to the above listed properties, etc. All these procedures can be combined general concept: real estate transactions. If such real estate transactions, such as clearance flats in the property, in some cases, you can make yourself, the more complex transactions associated with the design of ownership of land or construction sites, such as buying a country house in the new a newly built cottage, decorate their own and without any professional assistance, a more difficult example, what is the deal? Under the deal lawmakers to recognize the actions of individuals and entities to The establishment, termination or modification of civil rights and duties (art. 153 Civil Code). Depending on how many persons participates in the commission of these acts, transactions are divided into unilateral, bilateral and multilateral transaction.

One-way transaction is a transaction for which a necessary and sufficient expression of the will of one side. As a rule, it may create rights and obligations to other persons only when the appearance such rights and obligations depending on what the person doing the transaction, expressly provided for by law or agreement with these persons. By one-sided transactions, for example, include: issuing a power of attorney, adoption or refusal of an inheritance, the refusal to perform the contract, a statement of standings etc.

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