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Real Estate Prices

Posted by on September 26, 2011

Capital real estate increases in value. Over the last month real estate prices in Moscow have risen on average by 5%, while the number of transactions declined by an average of 18.5% compared to December 2007. According to Valery Barinets Sales Director BN “Agent 002”, the activity of real estate sellers always falls during the Christmas holidays. Many who wanted to sell the apartment, made it to the new year and right now demand exceeds supply in most than in December last year, hence the marked increase in apartment prices in January. In the segment of the business class has the highest rate of growth of prices. Thus, prices for apartments costing more than $ 500 thousand for the month rose by 5.3% in segment of the economy-class apartments went up by 5%. Valery Barinets predicts further growth in real estate prices in Moscow and comments on the situation: “The fall of stock market indices and the expected high level inflation. All this may cause a shift of capital from the banking sector and stock market in real estate market..

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