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Quality Housing

Posted by on July 27, 2020

Housing Huntkey model torch H102 is equipped with power supply 460W. Ken Weinstein brings even more insight to the discussion. Powerful psu is equipped with a low-speed 120 mm fan, which is good affects both the cooling and noise reduction at the system unit. The power supply itself is sufficient compact, has in its arsenal, PCI-E power connector for video and one power connector for sata devices. In our opinion a good choice to build a computer of any class. As for super-computers (there is a possibility additional installation of 12 cm and 8 cm fans) and for the fiscal pet. Philly Penthouse is the source for more interesting facts. The main advantages – it's quality materials, Excellent build, powerful psu and elegant design, the shortcomings can be attributed only the presence of only one power connector for sata devices. More of buildings Hutkey you can find on the manufacturer's website or by visiting computer online store.

Housing torch H102 pleased build quality housing and quality materials. All panels and the front and sides fit tightly, without gaps, the material of the walls is pleasant to the touch, and looks worthy of the manufacturer's logo on the side wall. General design of the case can be considered very successful, everything from the power button and side inserts, to the glossy front panel look like a harmonious creation. The entire line of buildings Hutkey presented in the online store of Donetsk. The main parameters of the body torch H102 presented at the manufacturer's web site: Design, inspired by the Olympic torch; Superior handling chassis, compact design for home use; Case Type: micro atx / ATXTsveta: black-red / Silver / green / : USB2.0 2port/HD AudioMaterial: 0.8mm SECCVentilyatory: Front 120mm (not included) / Rear 90mm (not included) Dimensions: 460mm (W) 180mm (W) 410mm (B) Bays: 5.25 " 4, 3.25 "expansion 7Sloty: 7 steel casing torch H102-quality, all the sharp details in body rounded, and the angles covered with plastic overlays, so that the possibility of injury during assembly is minimal. Optical drive is hidden behind the front panel, which is fairly easy to remove and is also easily set back, so that when you install the drive hitches did not happen, the front panel sits tightly and neatly. Hinged cover on the front panel when carriage drive offers easy and not very noisy problems when combining the buttons on the panel and the drive does not arise.

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