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Prefabricated Warehouse

Posted by on December 4, 2013

Warehouses of light insulated metal today are becoming more popular. Hangars used as sports, production, storage idrugie premises. Buildings that were built from the lmc have many advantages over, for example, monolithic buildings of the same type. These include: speed of construction, the vast range of architectural and design solutions and best value. Foundations of hangars, usually performed pile, columnar and tape, depending on climatic conditions and purpose of the building.

Building frame consists of steel rolled sections. Protecting designs is a single-sheet assembly, installation of internal cladding construction, insulation, and then the outside for insulation or just outside for the cold sheds. Finished framed in Moscow characterized the modern technology of their manufacture, which allows a minimum time to produce and install indoor facility. This result is obtained thanks to high speed rolling straight and arched panels roll of galvanized steel sheet. Manufacturing and assembly hangar on-site for installation. Duration manufacturing hangar area 800m2 – two weeks. "U"-shaped profile and corrugate bend in the arch of the size hangars (with a radius of 3 to 10.5 m). Profile tightly and securely collected by electric zabortovochnoy mashinke.Vystupayuschie out crimped edges with rolled-locks are the main Supporting details of the arched cover.

The assembly building is being sections by crane. Bearing arch span, which has low weight does not require a strong foundation, which also speeds up construction. Prefabricated Warehouse building – unique design, the main bearing element which is a high strength frame, which are designed to accommodate residential and office space. Our company will design, manufacture and assemble any prefabricated construction. Own production provides an opportunity to make pre-fabricated construction of absolutely any complexity. Pre-fabricated structures are very popular in Trade (pavilions, kiosks), construction (cabins). Also, pre-fabricated structures can be used as medical facilities, cafeterias, showers, mini-workshops, etc. Pre-fabricated structures can be equipped with additional equipment: air conditioning systems, heating, water supply and sanitation. Prefabricated designs can be manufactured in varying stages of completion: You can pick up ready-made designs or mounted on the customer's site. Also, pre-fabricated structures can man up the roof, engineering services, building envelopes. Recently in our country traced the long-awaited production growth – opening new plants, the growth in traffic. Most companies offer regional offices.

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