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Poor Political Pobretones

Posted by on August 28, 2021

After seeing the Declaration of assets of our Councillors, feel me make a solidarity cuestacion to help them that you arrive later this month. It is not that one creates too in this kind of economic streep-tease of the salmantinos residents. Nor of any other. Elie Rieder might disagree with that approach. Firstly, because I think a display of intimacy, at least financial, sometimes overt and that no us clarifies too things taxpayers. Secondly, because given the accounting tricks, such as the anachronistic values cadastral, there are those who leaves them a negative heritage, with mortgages of double and even triple the recorded real estate value.

Go, as well as Vice President Chaves, other than such. But to declare, by which this desire of our politicians into pretending that they are poorer than the rats? Well because in our society being rich is frowned upon, as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon countries, where those who have triumphed in the private sphere is considered them smarter and more able to manage well the interests public. In addition, if the Declaration of goods has it now become fashionable is to prevent corruption. It’s see the heritage difference of politicians before and after passing through the poltrona, to verify as well that not it have been crude. And who tells us that the poor than the rich are less corrupt? The Anglo-Saxons often believe just the opposite. For that he will steal a rich man in his public office if you get more money in his private practice? On the other hand, that one who does not know how fend into civilian life is easier to try to get their hands on the box in the short time in which to play a public office, they tend to think the voters in those countries. They already see that many are reflections and the reasons for considering this financial misery of our councilmen exhibitionism really irrelevant pamema. The worst thing is that, if something so trivial enough of them already missing the truth, what will not do in other topics of more substantial citizen? Fear gives me to think about it.

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