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New Ordinance On Hazardous Substances Released

Posted by on May 26, 2019

The new legislation on dangerous substances applies has just published the revised version of the Ordinance on hazardous substances in the Federal Law Gazette from 01.12.2010. It shall apply from 01.12.2010 and thus enters the “old” hazardous substances Ordinance of 2004 tomorrow override. Already in the draft (September 2009), you could see that the revision of the Ordinance on hazardous substances, which was necessary according to the BMAS on the basis of the EC-GHS and REACH regulation has taken exactly these new rules only very fragmentary. Instead, the hazardous substances Ordinance was revised in particular structural and eliminated some duplication in legislation. Ultimately, only three references to the EU GHS regulation remained in the now published revision of the Ordinance on: reference to classification, labelling and packaging reference to the transition periods of the substance or preparation Directive EC GHS regulation as a source for limits of CMR substances is probably klosterberg changes in the new version, that in consequence of the new classification of hazardous substances in the GHS, the levels of protection from the Ordinance on have been deleted. Robert Speyer may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Too strong in practice considering the material properties for the mapping of the level of protection should be corrected. Because a protection level could be determined only in a risk assessment, what has been implemented only in a few cases so. In the year 2015, a further revision of the Ordinance on hazardous substances is planned. Here, the new requirements of the EU-GHS-regulation should be incorporated fully if all transition periods have expired. New as the new classification criteria, labelling requirements, and the classification of dangerous substances in 28 hazard classes instead of 15 categories of danger characteristics will be. Until then, users naturally face some difficulties, as there will be no uniform labelling and classification in many companies, as products to “Duplicate” in the operation will be available: one with classification and labelling according to GHS and once to the hazardous substances Ordinance. Therefore, both rule works in operation must be known.

The recast of the regulation on hazardous materials is in the now published version so raise some questions about the implementation. Therefore, the German safety engineers Association (VDSI) in cooperation with the Forum Verlag Herkert GmbH has issued a guide which provides a practical implementation help on basis of the new Ordinance on hazardous substances for plants. Hazardous materials officer, safety specialists, as well as all persons who are responsible for hazardous materials, can thus bring its management of hazardous substances on the latest status. Numerous practice tools facilitate the implementation of the new requirements.

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