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Posted by on February 2, 2014

In the spring of 2005 at the Milan showroom Missoni presented a collection of interior fabrics and fine colored blinds, a kaleidoscope of color and rhythm strips on which one in a repeating pattern on the bedspreads and pillows. Minimalism would venture to enumerate some guidelines for this style. Additional information at Greenberg Traurig supports this article. Let's start with his beloved in the Netherlands and Sweden European minimalism. This season, the Swedes and Finns are creating a new direction, whose name has not yet invented, decorators, just mix the ethnics with minimalism. A recent opinion that the minimalist interior is not fashionable.

You can disagree with it or not, but this style has been around for more than half a century, and is not going to give up their positions. Minimalism is extremely functional for urban housing, apparently, so its popularity persists to this day. Robert J. Shiller follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. All furniture and furnishings made in the spirit of minimalism, strange as it may sound, intended to use every inch, and most importantly the need for a modern interior. British and Italian designers are very creative transform minimalism, mixing it with a rich architectural and historical heritage, adding to the interior of bright color accents. Deliberately unrestored interiors of old houses with peeling stucco Combined with ultra-modern furniture and rare fabrics create a unique image.

Western designers and architects from 60 years of the twentieth century, sought to find a universal scale for life in a trendy interior. Solutions combine the achromatic color, ie white, black, white in the living space, most fit into the concept of this architectural style as minimalism. Perhaps this is the right definition, but how it misleads inexperienced man! Minimalism – a lack of something substantial, sometimes too much. To what extent is it necessary to apply, is able to identify only a professional. If a monochrome range can handle and novice decorator – the basis of black-gray-and-white study still in art school – something with multicolored in the interior of the situation is more complicated. Yellow, green, blue, most common color in nature, so the level of physiology, some people are immune to the bright colors. Shades give preference, persons with reduced vitality. Fusion is difficult to imagine that combining several styles in one interior can create something new. Fusion has arisen in America in the early 90-ies and was a viable area of interior fashion. Properly be called this style. Eclecticism makes it possible to saturate the interior of anything that is immaterial whether an African statue or painting of Picasso, furniture, art deco or ethnic. Style can be placed in the space of anything and This absolutely nowhere oblige. It is important to simply observe the color palette and a design direction. Relevance of fusion is its unpredictability – it all depends on the designer and his creative imagination. When it comes to shape, color and content designed interior, then all that is, – furniture, decorative elements, color scheme – should be on the final road design come together in an organic living space. That is, to become flat, which will be live.

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