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Moscow Apartments

Posted by on February 22, 2011

The most common transaction in the Moscow real estate market – an exchange of apartments. And let's not forget that under the exchange of flats, we understand two simultaneous purchase and sale of apartments in the interchange. Times the actual exchange took place long ago. Indeed, the search for the person having the right apartment for you and ready for some reason to go to yours, at least, unpromising. But the gist of my article is not to clarify concepts, and in the analysis of one of the most important moments to which attention should be paid off and, thus, possible headache.

Score budget exchange. The very first mistake that people make who wish to exchange an apartment in Moscow, a reappraisal of his apartment. It should be understood that the buyer agreed to buy you an apartment, goes to certain risks. These include the time spent searching the apartment for you, documentaries and financial difficulties associated with registration of such transactions, and finally, the risk did not buy an apartment, because while you are looking for, prices have grown and you've run out of budget. So when you estimate the value of his apartment, consider the reaction Buyers on the word "exchange>>.

The main reason for the failed exchange – the lack of money for the purchased apartment. This may be due not only to the growth in property prices, after taking an advance for your flat, but with misjudgment to buy apartments. What I mean by that.

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