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Making Curtains

Posted by on September 13, 2011

If you want to include in its interior personality, you can not do without showy accessories. Now is not enough to sew and hang curtains, they must be properly formalized. How to do it? How to delight in the eyes of guests? How to make your window different from the other? Try to understand it together. Firstly, a spectacular piece curtain sets, which can become a worthy ornament is cornice itself. Now the curtain salons represented a great variety of curtain rods: with beautiful lugs, with rings or clothes pins, with exquisite brackets and baguettes.

The choice of the cornice can be written in several stages. In the first stage must have ask ourselves: Do I want to stand out eaves or better to make it less noticeable? The next question is: how can I use the ledge in her room (here we mean, for example, the use of ceiling cornice with uneven or ceilings)? The third question is: how much money I expect to spend? One last thing: what I like? If your room is dominated by metal parts (such as doorknobs, pens, boxes of pedestals, cabinets and chests of drawers), can be safely select the right color wrought cornice. If you have more wood (wooden furniture, picture frames, floor made of wood), choose a ceiling cornice with decorative baguette, or if you have no chance strengthen the cornice to the ceiling, the tubular ledge under the tree, which is attached to the wall. By the way, forged eaves large selection tips: from the simple and unpretentious forms to complex and very beautiful figures. What else can serve Window dressing? This may be the magnetic Holders. Metal or plastic, wood or upholstered. If you are a creative person, then you probably have accumulated a lot of work: embroidery, knitting, batik, macrame, etc. Remove all of the boxes, shake the dust off and boldly expose for all to see.

Remember, not that it's not transforming the room, as things made by hand. They make the room a cozy, warm and truly home. Nobody be able to do it with the love with which it makes the owner of the house, even a professional designer. A little imagination, and your house will shine, will revive and will be happy smiles of your guests. And the guests, in turn, will increasingly come to you. It's so nice to sit with a cup of tea in a beautiful room, decorated with care and love.

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