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Machine Culture

Posted by on May 6, 2014

Much of the technical development have anything to do with the precision of movement and time. It would be absurd to deny the countless benefits of the machines to study the secrets of physics and mathematics of time, just as all users of the technique to defend justified reasons, the availability of time they have because of it. For more information see Stephen M. Ross. However, it appears that additional time is reserved to devote to acquire the material, much of this is technical, then there is no time to be better as a human, but to have the best as a consumer. The time saved that give us the machines are mortgaged to the requirements, no basic needs, but from the superfluous. "I proposed in my heart entertain my flesh with wine … to see what was the good of the children of men, in which they should do under the heaven all the days of his life. Great is my work, I have built houses, planted vineyards for myself, I made gardens and parks, and planted trees in them of all fruit "(Ecclesiastes 2:3-5) Wisdom verses become more effective without regard to economy of time is spent on what eventually turns out to be pure vanity. The technology was the culture of speed, characteristic of this era is the speed of communication, transport and production of new technology, but the speed with which modern man has for the material and the passenger, is not entirely apply with regard to his character, spirit and redemption. The process to restore the man to his state of complete immunity includes the temporal aspects that must be nurtured and developed and the time devoted to it.

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