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Posted by on January 15, 2014

It is a common belief that the memory can be improved through the exercise. It is likely that there is something of true. But not to such an extent as so many people considered. What more can contribute to the development of the ability to remember are the strategies. Let’s briefly some of them: greater attention and does not perform any other activity while you memorizas. He studied at places with some insulation, with very few things that can distract you. It’s see what you’re learning. And if it is possible to imagine specific cases or practical applications of what they have studied.

Repeat out loud, some things you don’t want to forget. Ask questions yourself on the matter in question and tries to remember the answers. Strive to understand what memorizas, find some sense. If possible tries to relate what you’re studying with your personal interests. While more soon take what they have learned to practice much better.

It organizes the material you have to study, it is important to understand how its parts are distributed and what relationship there is between them. USA in your conversations what you’ve learned. It will help you much to retain it in memory, especially if debates about it. Back to review from time to time what you’ve already learned. It teach others what they have learned and used your own words. Search relate what you’re memorizing things that you already know. If you do not still apply these ideas you’ll see a significant improvement in your ability to memorize once you use them.

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