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House Boat

Posted by on June 21, 2022

House boat rental and cycling in Masuria is a new idea of holiday season 2012. Found the offer at a local organizer in Masuria. If someone controls the car and is 18, now also a houseboat in Masuria can Charter and connect his vacation on the water with an adventurous bicycle tour. This type of holiday is now offering the company from GI? ycko (tourist center of Masuria) And read on why it is so interesting! Masuria – the name is known to many in the world. “And that a campaign not only those who were connected because the story in any way with East Prussia, but also many including in recent months about 7 Wonders of the world” have heard. But mostly the name under which is known even to many interested in 1989 on Polish history and changes after the revolution in Poland, looking for holidays on the water in the natural, wild, unspoiled and natural areas of the world.

That the world is here in Masuria: wild, left, of course full of unique species of plants and animals and especially tourist-friendly. In the field of Masuria, which is full of nature reserves, nature reserves, landscape Park, you are recovering so as nowhere. Fresh air, anywhere prevailing calm in the vast forests and meadow fields, silence, found in small villages, accommodation, and peace that put each of the tourists to go home is priceless. The tourists of the company Visitours MasurenRad, thanks to an innovative product can this world since this season: House boat and wheel in Masuria admire. The kind of travel is the best and most interesting – for this area means the boss of the company of Przemysaw? aw Zakrzewski. Our guests get the modern, well equipped and comfortable house boats, which Pierce Great Masurian Lakes in the us. On the Board of the House boat, tourists have the top bikes, and a boat ride, rise on the wheels and drive on the most interesting routes of Masuria – through meadows, fields and forests up to the famous towns as: GI? ycko, Mikoajki, Ryn, and many others. Help her inpiduellen adventure in Masuria are the maps and route descriptions.

Tourists are but also cannot leave, they have constant contact with the Central”- the round the clock hotline-service takes care of our guests and helps in all matters says Przemysaw? aw Zakrzewski. The House boating holidays in Masuria is now accessible to all, since the houseboats in Poland are free of licence, you need to be just a full year to control a boat. That’s why the Masurian houseboat holidays is becoming more popular. Przemyslaw Zakrzewski and MasurenRad team

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