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Global Warming

Posted by on January 7, 2014

A highlights how much heat a continuous stream of cars on the planet! If at the end H1H century lived on Earth about a billion people, now their number has exceeded 6 billion. Apparently, the number of pets grew at the same pace. Every man and domestic animals biological energy food is converted to heat energy, thereby becoming an additional heater of the planet. To all this should add on and huge amount emitted into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases. As a result, the Earth, as suggested by the author, no longer cope with the withdrawal of excessive amounts of heat generated by humanity as a result raised the average temperature, and the level of the oceans and seas rose to 0.3 m. At this rate of temperature increase at the end of the melting of glaciers all levels of the oceans and seas will rise up to 7 meters, flooding low-lying area of the Earth. Become commonplace intense hurricanes, storms, cold snaps, drought and so forth. Obviously, all the foregoing must first be proved by direct experiments, simulations and calculations of the heat generated in H1H and twentieth centuries.

These experiments applies, in particular, and sounding of the stratosphere about 40 km and the definition of temperature out there over the United States into the atmosphere over one-third the heat of the human factor, and located at this latitude of the countries with the lowest emissions of heat. When the presentation will be shown before mankind will rise dilemma – to continue to live by the principle 'after us – the deluge', or move to the brutal heat savings. Have to replace all Traditional light bulbs to light bulbs do not emit heat, propulsion, both public and private transport should be cool, give every effort to improve thermal insulation of homes, think about the desirability unlimited growth of industry in order to unrestrained consumption. Ismagil Abashev, PhD. Russia Penza

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