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Federal Ambient Legislation

Posted by on June 21, 2012

The quarter is separate of the city of New Rasp only for a disactivated line of train. The area of the quarter already was busy for families of high income who inhabited lots with minimum area of 1.000m as established for the legislation that it invigorated until the act of mayor Ferrara in 1988 that it modified the zoning of the region allowing the multifamiliar use of high density and commercial use, being that in blocks of the Av. Luis Frank Pablo, it allowed the verticalizao of the commercial use of services and until industry of average transport, pollutant. The approval of the quarter occurred without taking in consideration the adensamento in the hillsides of the Mountain range of the Corral, the one of the symbols of Belo Horizonte and Federal Ambient Legislation (Resolution CONAMA n 01/86) that it demands the elaboration of study of ambient impact (EIA) for ends of approval of land division in areas of ambient interest, as demands the study area. According to AMORIM (2007), beyond the legislation of protection of the historic site, paisagstico and ambient ambient questions and techniques exist that become the inadivisable area for urban occupation, are cited as example, the great amount of concentrated water-bearing sources in the region.

Still valley to detach that the quarter follows the natural trend of ' ' caminho' ' tracing for the high classrooms of Belo Horizonte always if dislocating more for the South. Villaa (2001) mentions that since the formation of the city of Belo Horizonte, the layers of the greater society purchasing power if had installed in direction of the south axle of the capital and in it if it keeps until the present. Exactly with some attempts of the real estate sector and the State of attempt of growth in other directions, the layers of high income had not abandoned its direction of growth.

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