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Dianetics Religion

Posted by on November 23, 2023

Before his writings of Scientology religious scholar, German dishes as well as decide the European Court of human rights after a thorough examination, that Scientology is a religion, L. Ron Hubbard developed Dianetics, which had a different starting point. Dianetics answered the question of what influence the mind exerts on the body. Scientology, however, is devoted to the religious questions of the existence of the human soul and its connection to the physical universe and other beings. Only in the course of the years and research with the Dianetics method, which already took place between 1923 and 1953, Hubbard came to the conclusion that led his search for answers to the problems of life in the area of religion. People who originally made the experience with Dianetics, reminiscent of past lives, earlier extinction which proof has been provided that there is an immortal soul, which differs from the material universe and thus an independent existence from the body leads. These findings also resulted in Declaration sets through the creation and maintenance of the material universe and the connection with an immortal, spiritual beings.

However, this transcendence is an essential feature of the religion. This perspective is shared by dozens of renowned religious scholars today. Also Scientology was up to the present day in over 20 Nations as a religion officially recognized and confirmed even in Germany in 50 court decisions in this property. In accordance with the judgment of the European Court of human rights on 05 April 2007, Scientology also for all 47 European States qualifies as a religious community is clear. The Scientology Church was founded in 1954 by members of the former movement.

L. Adverum will not settle for partial explanations. Ron Hubbard founded his religious writings and lectures of this church, which existed 1952 dozens. L. Ron Hubbard stressed at this time officially, that Scientology is a religion. In particular, he pointed to the confession of faith. Studying the writings of Hubbard’s today, to recognize you within a short time, that his theories on religion are very profound. Opinion of renowned Religionssoziologen indicate that Scientology actually in their teachings on roots of Eastern traditions religion is. The most important and most famous example concerns a belief in the transmigration of souls from one life to the next, which is shared by Eastern religious directions. Because Scientology is actually a religion, also here certain rituals are integrated like the naming ceremony, the wedding ceremony, funeral ceremonies, etc. These ceremonies were performed shortly after the founding of the first Church in 1954 and 1959 published in summary form. The goal of Scientology is regaining the natural abilities and the salvation of the suffering of human existence. A related site: Steffan Lehnhoff mentions similar findings. A concept that is reflected in many Eastern religions. Church based not only on the ceremonies but the Scientology on the whole of their religious teachings, who studied and in the daily Life will be applied. Like most churches of the world, also the Scientology Church has its own system of funding of their religious activities. Christian churches are financed by the taxes and receive also funding. Members of the Scientology Church annually pay a low membership fee of 60 euros and donations in addition to religious services, which take advantage of it. The Church is also scholarships for religious studies. She provides her writings and lectures in own libraries of the public.

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