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Construction Of Cottages

Posted by on February 14, 2011

This article is written for people who are going to build a house, cottage, or other buildings. They are facing many issues – from which to build the house, which will house architecture, living space at home. Also important question – is harness engineering systems: heating, electricity, water, ventilation, air conditioning, sewerage. In Russia there is a certain conventional division of private houses: villa, house, cottage. This division is rather arbitrary. Cottage in the general understanding – is a small country house, designed for summer living. A more expensive option – it is winter cottage – a place where the owners come on the weekends in summer and winter, as well as a vacation. House – is in the minds of Russians implies a more fundamental structure, rather than giving.

The house normally live year-round. Has all the amenities – water, hot water, heating systems, battery drain. Although many village houses and still do not have all the amenities. We all want to quickly acquire all the amenities – a civilized souls in the house, hot and cold water, comfortable toilet in the house. In the conventional notion of "home" – a structure with unpretentious and simple architecture. Cottage – in the conventional notion – it is building with an area of not less than 150-200 square meters, has a good architecture and amenities. Budget for building a cottage is very large. When construction of cottages usually once designed and built all the amenities – heat, cold and hot water, to produce high quality electrical wiring, installed ventilation and air conditioning, Autonomous sewerage.

And of course the interior. Interior trim make after the installation of engineering systems. And of course all the engineering systems simply must be taken as qualitative, because that the remake of after finishing the interior is already problematic. Do I need a project for installation of engineering systems? In fact, the project is worth some money, but it contains all the calculations for adequate system performance. However, most often do "by eye". This course is acceptable for small houses, but for large and important objects necessarily need the project. Interior finish is closely connected with the interior space. Finishing and interior begins with handwritten sketch a room or rooms. Possible to simulate the plan and furnish the interior with the help of 3-D visualizer. Using a computer and this program you can virtually move into your future home, sit in front of a fireplace, rocking in a rocking chair. The word cottage involves not only an excellent interior design, but also well-equipped and comfortable surrounding area. For this purpose carried out to landscaping, construction of small architectural forms, the creation of artificial reservoirs. Here we briefly describe the process and the construction of cottages and houses. We all want to live in a spacious, comfortable, cozy house.

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