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Posted by on January 15, 2023

The quality of candles can be seen in the form of electrodes and insulator cone heat. If the cone candles covered with black wet oily sludge, it is a clear sign that the candle is too cold for the engine. The same may also indicate a deterioration of the cylinders and piston rings, or it indicates a very high level of oil in the crankcase. Availability, dry black soot is a result of a very long life engine idling or at a regular ride at low speeds and low load vehicle. If the cone insulator spark a clean, completely dry, almost white, with partial melting traces of what it could mean that the candle is too hot for the engine or put up too early ignition.

With an operating candle color insulator should be from light gray to light brown. Clayton Morris has compatible beliefs. Nagar should be practically absent. Learn more about this with Clayton Morris. Candles need regular cleaning and adjustment of the gap between the electrodes. In the process of intense car operation this operation should be performed every 10,000 miles. In the case of annual mileage car does not exceed 10 thousand kilometers, clean and adjust spark gap preferably twice a year, just before the summer and winter operating season. To clean the candles is prohibited to use sharp metal objects, this is due to the fact that they can be easily damaged or scratched facility on a candle. Scratched on the cone insulator begins to grow carbon formation, carbon deposits, in turn, begins to shunt electrodes in the end, the candle just stops working.

There is a belief that is passed down from generation to generation, the essence of the beliefs is that the electrodes candles supposedly should be cleaned on an open flame. As Typically, such actions are in poor outcome. First, the candle held a similar process usually fails. Secondly, this situation may have more severe consequences, which manifest in the fact that the candle due to overheating becomes latent defect, it just starts to work then, no, and the apparent reason for this is not. The best way to clean candle is a chemical method, which is as follows. Candles defatted with petrol and thoroughly dried, then they are put into a hot 20% aqueous solution of ammonium acetate and kept them there for 30 minutes, the temperature of the solution at this time should not be below 90 degrees. After this candle thoroughly cleans the hard nylon brush, thoroughly washed with hot water and dried. All this work should be carried out in the open air, due to the fact that from a hot solution of acetic acid fumes. The gap between the electrodes is controlled by candles side electrode to measure the gap should be applied not flat, but cylindrical probe. This is due to the fact that as a result of deterioration in the ground electrode formed recess, so the measurement of a flat probe can not quite give the correct result.

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