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Building Security

Posted by on February 19, 2012

As is known, is now on the signaling and maintenance of private security can be put not only the offices and buildings, but also his own apartment. But can afford it, not all citizens, and to insure against the thieves want Still anyone. Now, not all thieves picky – and climb to where the family except for yellowed photographs, but hidden a few thousand rubles in stockings and take a little more than nothing. Therefore, people's desire to protect their homes quite natural and understandable. Here are just self-defense can sometimes end in tears for the owners themselves, especially if the process turns into an invention and installation of home-made traps or even self-made explosive devices. Actually, what happened with one pensioner in Novgorod. Although the approach to his task he must frankly admit, very thoroughly.

The seriousness of his approach to self-defense with explosive devices law enforcement officers were able to assess on his desk: they were tools for carving, drilling and boring, and banks in which the gunpowder magazines, crushed iron and shot, and actually own almost ready-made explosive devices – the future 'stretch'. Retired in the summer left the countryside and his apartment furnish these devices: as the police was surprised to discover discovered one of the banners attached to the front door, another – to the tv and window sills. Well, that members of these surprises could have expected, after already been examined by a country house-demolition grief. It was there that he died from his own as a bomb when it is installed on a single from their chests with some gardening stuff there. By this time he managed to undermine all the windows of his suburban home (for amateurs to climb through the vents), and were already prepared room and a shed for the installation of homemade stretch. So much left in his training problem for the winter.

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