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Monthly Archives: April 2012


'She loves his ears, and a man ' Psychologists have long shown that 99 out of 100 men, no matter how confident they might seem, at a subconscious level, just the same thirst for our approval. But if women compliment – one more reason preen, posmakovat few flattering words about his beloved, for men it … Continue reading »

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Bird Migration

The natural world is wonderful. The most well known form movements of birds – migration. This method of changing habitat area is characterized by a fairly high speed and is not accompanied by a long occupation of the site. Often, migration repeated periodically over some small time, and in such cases we speak of periodic … Continue reading »

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Commercial Director

And I felt free! I feel very confident and I can change my life! " Maikova Helena, Commercial Director, Moscow … Thoughts … materialize, "I was quiet, inner voice is not rushing, not jerks. Confidence more firmly stand on their feet thoroughly. With work it so happened that when there is a problem, I know … Continue reading »

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