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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Real Estate Prices

Capital real estate increases in value. Over the last month real estate prices in Moscow have risen on average by 5%, while the number of transactions declined by an average of 18.5% compared to December 2007. According to Valery Barinets Sales Director BN “Agent 002”, the activity of real estate sellers always falls during the … Continue reading »

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Making Curtains

If you want to include in its interior personality, you can not do without showy accessories. Now is not enough to sew and hang curtains, they must be properly formalized. How to do it? How to delight in the eyes of guests? How to make your window different from the other? Try to understand it … Continue reading »

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Metal Pipes and Pipelines

Exploited to date pipeline of communication for 70% of the mounted metal pipes, which is the main advantage – resilience. It is particularly important when moving liquid and gaseous media in pipelines of high-pressure environments. Talking about housing and public works, then it is here that the strength properties of metal piping systems used in … Continue reading »

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New Decor Chandeliers

Everyone who did repairs in the apartment, had to deal with the problem of unnecessary things. All houses have a lot of things, frankly, are unnecessary and take up much space. Yet many do not hurry to part with old things because they can be expensive heart, something to symbolize and to just be a … Continue reading »

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